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MG MGA - 1960 MGA Bonhams Auction

I have just returned from the Monteray Car week and thought you might be amazed at what this unrestored 18,000 mile "A" went for. Check out the photo.

A Dickinson

I would like to know as I have a restored MK 2 for sale. Bill
Bill Mason

Am I reading correctly that itr sold for $70.000.00 dollars?

You get a few millionaires in the room and they show off for each other's friends and wives. A TD went for $70+K a while back. Yea, right. You think they would shop Hemmings, drive 4 hours on 5 or 6 weekends just to buy the same car for $28K? Naaaa.

I pay zero attention to auction prices. ZERO. The odds that they'll show up at my house and pay 1/3 of this is nil because they have different motives than the rest of us.


Here's a link:
Nick Kopernik

Hi best complete and original toolkit I have seen to date and nice to see the correct and original door rubbers as per Todd Clarke

cheers Gordon
G C Pugh

*Rare and desirable color combination.

Ha! Unrestored my ass, it's a repaint. There were never any gray roadsters.


The tool kit tommy bar looks like a push rod, rather than a mushroom head. Is this correct?

M Wellard

Hi Mark, the tommy bar is indeed correct

cheers Gordon
G C Pugh

Probably a repaint Barney - but there were Dove grey roadsters = my friend's uncle had an original 1960 Dove grey .
Cam Cunningham

Dove Grey, according to the Heritage certificate...

Dave O'Neill 2

There's no way Bonhams would have overlooked a respray.

I know of a 1975 Chev convertible with 13 (thirteen) original miles. I helped put the car on stands, and it still sits there still wrapped in the factory plastic covers. The owner runs it once a year taking a photo of himself with the car showing his age changing him, but the car still stuck in 1975.

It'll be worth a freaking fortune over the block.


Okay. I knew Dove Gray was a 1600 Coupe color. Didn't realize it as also a 1600 roadster color. But there it is, right there on my web site. Duh.

Indeed a very nice and desirable example, but somehow I doubt the mileage. Look at the worn through carpets, does that fit a car with only 19000 miles on the clock?
Rutger Booy

actually none of the trim,seats etc seem to have lasted as well as the body and if someone was looking after it properly there is no reason why it shouldn't all look a little better, the body and the interior pics almost seem to be from different cars
G C Pugh

"Today, this wonderful MGA Roadster is offered with its original drive train, paint, and interior"

I think the original paint is still there, but it is underneath some newer paint.

If you look inside the boot, under the bonnet and inside the rear wheelarch, the paint has really suffered. I can't see the original outer paint being in such fantastic condition.

Also, it was built in January 1960, but the footnote says, "Please note that this vehicle is titled with chassis number 61GHNL84466 and as a 1961."
Dave O'Neill 2

Any way you slice it, if you've been researching prices for a while, you'll know that that car should have sold for less than half the selling price.


I would have thought Bonhams would get there info right but since when did 1600s have '4 wheel drum brakes'! Perhaps we should doubt some of the other info.

Paul Dean

We have an expression at home - "MMTS" (More Money than Sense)

Graeme Williams

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