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MG MGA - 25D Distributor for MGA

I recently acquired a 1962 MGA 1600 Mk II to join my 1966 MGB, and note that the MGA distributor seems to be a bit the worse for wear. I have a very nicely rebuilt 25D distributor for the MGB, and am wondering if it can be fit to the MGA. I'm sure that there are probably threads about this aplenty, and apologize in advance for the duplication. Many thanks.
Catesby Woodford

Hi Catesby. Where in KY are you? I'm from Frankfort but live in Tokyo.

I recently replaced mine with a 25D and it fit fine. Just make sure the curve is appropriate. I had mine done by Jeff at Advanced Distributors, he may have some good advice.

A fresh distributor was noticeable right away.

Good luck.
Tom Baker

My 1961 MK2 Coupe has the 25d distributor fitted and works OK - I fear it is slightly worn and am contemplating either going electronic or trying those new 45d (I believe chinese) distributors that are available here for 35-45 ?
P D Camp

I purchased a 45d from Moss shortly after buying my MGB, and it has worked fine since. It does not have the panache of the 27, nor does it have the knurled advance adjustment knob. Thanks for your answer. Catesby
Catesby Woodford

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