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MG MGA - 2nd speed gear

Can anyone help with some information where I can buy a new 2nd speed gear, either an original or a new improved type for an MGA, Thanks A.T
Andy Tilney


Dominic Clancy

Thanks Dominic, They have a second hand one, I will keep this in mind incase I cant get a new one,
Andy Tilney

Heathrow Transmissions are gearbox specialist and I believe are the only people making a new steel second gear. They rebuilt my gearbox to an excellent standard.
AR Terry

Why do you need new rather than a pre owned one or are you upgrading to a steel syncro ring?
A J Dee

Lots of luck finding a NEW 2nd gear of the original type, that is used with the brass synchro. I think BMC or BL superceded that with the 22h230 "improved" gear that is used with the 22h249 steel synchro, so the NOS gears that were available were of the latter type.

A couple years ago when I was going through this process, the improved gears were still around, but the steel synchro was difficult to find. I eventually found what I needed and was able to reassemble my gearbox. Now that the steel synchro seems to be available again, the remaining 22h230 gears appear to have been snapped up. What worked for me in the end, was simply persistence in watching Ebay; eventually what you need will show up there.

D Rawlins

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