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MG MGA - 3 main 1800 - front and rear mounting plates ?

I'm working on building up a short block 3-main 1800. Among the many bits I will need to scrounge are front and rear mounting plates (Moss 460-380 and 460-390), flywheel, and oil pan. Are these interchangeable between 1500/1600/1622/early 1800 ?

I imagine that I would need matching timing cover (1500:460-350 or 1622:455-380) for the front plate.

I'm probably going to go with an MGB clutch and a 5-speed conversion, so is the rear plate less of an issue ?

Chuck Mosher


The 1500 front plate is a straight swap across. I used an MGB timing cover that has the timing marks on top. Makes timing the engine so much easier.

Steve Gyles

Use the old parts from your original engine. No need to duplicate these parts.
R J Brown

Front plate is the same for MGA and MGB 3 main (18G,18GA) and early 5 main (18GB) engines. MGA rear plates are different. Most 1500's had low mount starter. To use an early MGB clutch, you'll want to find a corresponding MGB flywheel. Check the mga guru website. It should have answers to most of your questions.
Andy Bounsall

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