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MG MGA - 3rd and 4th Synchro ring question

I have just put my MGB 3-synchro gearbox together with the usual manuals (Haynes, original BL) and a lot of help from Barney Gaylord's site - a big thank you from Berlin to Barney!

I do have a question about the third and fourth gear synchro rings. The box was an ebay purchase some years ago, sold as seen and a new engine has prompted a gearbox rebuild. The box was in the process of destroying its layshaft, laygear and bearings. These are now new, as well as the input shaft. As I had the box in pieces and its history was unknown, I decided to replace the 3rd and 4th rings while I was at it.

The box has gone together reasonably easily, the input bearing and mainshaft bearings are both in the correct position. The 3-4 sliding hub went on fine (and right way round). The synchro rings fitted like the old rings that I took out. I still need the correct gear lever but it seems to engage the gears OK.

My question: When I rotate the input shaft by hand I can hear the synchro rings rattling. Is this correct or have I missed some detail or even left something out?


PS: The box is a 3-synchro overdrive for my (3 bearing) MGB
Mike Standring

Mike, That is normal.Fill it with oil and it will not rattle any more.
A J Dee

Thank you, A J, I will continue with the rebuild.
Mike Standring

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