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MG MGA - $400 Supercharger on Ebay

Already have one, but the price looks right.
Mike Parker

I am interested in this but the ebay site states they will not export.......Is there a kind MGA soul out there who would allow me to use their address in US and then forward to me? I would pay the ebay guy for all ebay charges then could foward cost of postage to Oz before it is sent .....
Neil Ferguson
Neil Ferguson

It was such a bargain that I have bought it before it is picked up by a dealer and resold at a huge profit.

But the good news is that I don't really want it! There are plenty of people who I am sure will help out with the middleman bit on the shipping.

In any case I would suggest shipping it first to George Folchi who can recondition it and who will have absoltely no problem sending it to you.

dominic clancy

All is academic..the Judson has been delisted from Ebay...
Neil Ferguson

Neil, read the posting before yours!
Lindsay Sampford do I organise with you for all of your suggestions....I am keen to have....and get reconditioned etc..?
Neil Ferguson

I'm glad it was picked up. Dominic, if you need to get it shipped, ship to me. I will ship it at cost to you or whomever you want.

Mike Parker
32115 Rosslyn
Garden City Michigan 48135

Mike Parker

I could have sold ten units today, and made a healthy profit on every one. It's already on the way to George, who indicates it will be autumn before it's ready to ship.

Unfortunately for Neil, it looks like it's coming to swell the small but select group of Judson MGAs in Switzerland. My exclusivity ended last summer, and I know of another unit that is on the way from George to Switzerland as well - so then there will be four of us here, but only mine with the oiler cover too.

For anyone who manages to get a Judson of any type, George is absolutely the man for restoring them and parts.

And (again) thanks to Mike for the offer of doing the middleman (again)
dominic clancy

A general question out of curiosity;

What other modifications are required to the engine in order to be able to install the supercharger?

I suspect, improved cooling, new cam, distributor timing, pulley arrangement?

What kind of power increase can you get of a 1600 engine with such a beast installed?

Just curious.
Gonzalo Ramos

You bought it 7mins after I expressed my desire and asked for some help! Then you express the 'good news' that you had bought it with direct implications in the phraseology that the unit was available for others ( and given the thread most probably to me ). Meanwhile you flogged it to a friend within 10 mins so your 'good news ' was focussed on your Swiss pal.....all ok..... but dont be a hypocrite in your writing were ensuring it did not go to someone else outside your wee clique.
I expected some help to secure this unit on the MGA BBS ..instead I got you and a touch of something else.
Neil Ferguson

That was a low-blow Dominic.
Andy Bounsall

The only way you can call "dibs" on an Ebay auction is to actually buy it. Dominic is in no way to blame for your hesitation.
Del Rawlins

You are exactly must commit quickly to get on Ebay..especially on a "buy it now ".
I deal on Ebay ..selling and buying ..about 30 items in last 6 months so I know the game well.
My 'dissapointment' ( a polite word) is two fold..
One..I thought these threads were for mutual help not pure self help!
Two..Dominic proceeded to wrap his purchase in altruistic language when what he really wanted was 'to swell the small but select group of Judson MGAs in Switzerland' ..and these are his words!!
Enough for me on this. I have re-learnt a lesson about revealing intent.
Neil Ferguson

The way to work Ebay if you find a "buy it now" that you want is to purchase the item you want. The seller will then tell you that he can't ship overseas (or maybe he can), and you ask him to give you a couple of days to get an intermediary. He really has to, since you already paid for the item, unless he does a quick refund, which he probably won't.
This site is really great for people helping people, and someone will most likely step to the plate to help out, but if you didn't purchase the item, there's not much you can do, nor can you really get mad at somebody else for buying it. Most likely Dominic told a friend, and his friend wanted it. I would have loved to get the S/C as I have a couple cars, but the wife would not be very happy with me, unless the purchase were for a quick turnaround at a profit.
Mike Parker

I actually have a permanent search with email notification when MGA Judsons appear on ebay, so this BBS was actually not the first indication to me that this was available.

I also get asked on average once a week if I can supply one, as my website has a large amount of information on Judsons.

I have in the past made a number of finds (RHD steering racks for example) which I have always (as in this case) passed on at cost. And I have also given many smaller parts away for free (and received a few too). I always worked in the past on the first come priciple - Neil was actually the third person to contact me (four hours after I bought it and about an hour after I passed it on for what I paid for it) and ask for it. So to characterise me as an opportunistic elitist sleazebag is a little too much. I should also point out that (logically) if I was such an elitist I would have bought it and sent it to Neil to make sure that there weren't any more units in my back yard.

In addition, this is the only SC we are allowed to install here in Zurich - the Moss unit is not permitted under the test regime for Oldtimer status, and the Judson is only accepted because it was a period accessory and allowed at the time.

There is also a significant risk in buying Judsons in this state - if the oiler has not been set up correctly, and the rotor is worn, then it can be necessary to find or make a new rotor - that's around $1000 to start with. Standard restoration cost from George is $1500 upwards, plus the cost of missing parts (pulley $100, a Marvel Oiler $100, stay brackets, spacers for rad and fan). By then you're in the realms of the Moss unit anyway.

I also said to Neil that if the buyer changes his mind, he could have first option on it. That offer still stands even after the rather unpleasant emails and postings I have received.

So although I have some sympathy for Neil's disappointment, and apologise if I have upset him, I feel absolutely no guilt at all for having bought something legitimately on ebay and passed it on to another enthusiast who will greatly enjoy it when he receives it.
dominic clancy

I would hope other MGA owners are like Dominic and I, namely we re-sell at cost, you do dont you Dominic? As those of you that have dealt with me in the past know I usually give my spares away for freight cost only or if I need the cash sell it for what I originally paid for it 20+ years earlier. After all Domonic, like me is in the MGA hobby not to make money but to support and help other enthusiasts, unlike many dealers...I am sure Dominic will be selling it for no more than the cost of purchase plus any additional freight to his location aren't you Domionic? Only a mercenary dealer or oportunist would buy it and then on-sell for a quick profit/markup
Mark Mathiesen

I never make any profit, but in this case I am sure I will get a beer out of it, maybe lunch. That's all I ever make.
dominic clancy

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