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MG MGA - 42 years and counting

I first met her when I was 21 and she was just 14. I canít say that it was love at first sight, but my previous relationship had ended badly so I guess you could say that I was on the rebound. Being a student at the time, what attracted me to her was the fact that she was cheap .... and I knew sheíd turn heads! She had a fabulous body, and when I treated her with the respect she deserved, she purred. Our relationship was tempestuous, and I have to admit that I occasionally made unreasonable demands of her. There was even one time when I abandoned her at the side of the road.

But 42 years later, weíre still together. She coughs a bit more than she used to, and sometimes itís difficult to get her started, but thatís only to be expected knowing what sheís had to put up with over the years. Yes, there have been times when Iíve neglected her, but Iíve decided to turn over a new leaf for 2013 and get her back to peak condition .... which means that Iím going to need your help from time to time!

Thanks in advance.

Robert Sinclair

Beautifully said, Robert.

She still looks like one hell of a classy girl. I am sure that she will respond well to your re-newed love & reward you with many, many memorable moments and good times. They're like that.

Good luck!

I B Morris

Cute. A 1600 with 1500 wheels and a MK-II grille. She must have had an interesting life. I'm sure you'll buy her all sorts of new things and she will love every bit of it. Is this going to involve a new coat, or just a trip to the spa for a rub down?
Barney Gaylord

That makes her a 1957? I have the same year car in the standard 1500 trim with wire wheels.

Great story - I have only had my car for a bit over 10 years...

AJ Mail


I am at 45 years and counting - bought mine in 1968. She was 7 and I was 17. I'm sure that there are laws against that, but at least we were both minors!

I'm confused - your car looks like it has 1600 tail lights and as Barney mentioned it has a Mark II grille - what's going on.

John Smith 3

Yeah, as Barney says, she was a bit mixed up when I first met her. Somebody before me had talked her into having some 'modifications' done, if you know what I mean!
Robert Sinclair


Good to hear from another longterm ownner.

I am on 43 years but what put the icing on the cake for me was that I met why wife the very next day. On the next day again I took my future wife out for 'a burn' down the Llanberis pass in Wales but she wasn't impressed when she asked where the seat belts were and I told her they were in box of bits in the boot.

Good luck with your rebuild.

Paul Dean

Just like a woman to change her appearance with different wheels and a new grille. One day as her color slowly turns gray and tatters she will ask for a new paint job. I bet in all those years she has had many sets of new shoes or maybe just for no reason got a new set of shoes to compliment the new grille.

I like that she has her top off. If I may say, she has a nice set of headlights.
Ray Ammeter

I wish I knew more about her history, as the first 14 years of her life are a bit of a mystery to me. All I know for sure is that she was first registered in Feb 1956, which makes her a very early 1500 (car no. HDR13/12013). Some time between then and 1970, when we became 'an item', she had swapped her 1500 engine for a 1600 (16GA-U 11568) and put on new rear lamp plinths ... and a Mark II grill. So I guess that female desire to improve on what you were born with, isn't such a new thing after all!
Robert Sinclair

Don't be tempted to undo the changes in the search for so called "originality". They have been there so long they are part of the cars history.

I never cease to be amused by the cars advertised as "very original" but also "completely restored".
Malcolm Asquith


When did the old girl have a makeover into BRG from OEW? From the photo it's exactly my shade of BRG - Jaguar Hen (Code 701) dated 1986.

Steve Gyles


You're spot on. It's exactly the same colour. She went from white to red (when I bought her) and then to BRG about 10 years ago. I never really understood why it wasn't a factory colour, as it works so well (with apologies to all purists out there!).

Robert Sinclair

Aha. Bob West? I see the car also has plenty of extra horsepower available.

Steve Gyles

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