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MG MGA - 4th layshaft bearing

Finally sourced 3 OEM needle bearings. My plan for the 4th bearing is not so easy - the laygear bore changes from .8833 to .8739, about 1/4" behind the rear bearing (well, in front really). Looks like a tricky machine job to extend the bearing bore.
Art Pearse

Art -
Barney says he fixed that with a brake cylinder hone, but I have my doubts, don't see how you could get it accurate enough. I've never put extra bearings in myself, and I don't know if some gears have a longer finished bore.

Fletcher R Millmore

Hi Art, Machine work for the extra bearing would need to be a precision job! where did you finally find the layshaft needle bearings, if I may be so bold? Glenn
Glenn Hedrich

It was Quantumechanics, but before anyone rushes to phone, it was their last 3!
Art Pearse

I got lucky and bought six of the original full compliment type needle bearings on eBay in late 2008. Those were the last ones from that source as well (Vintage Imports Inc). Photos here:
Barney Gaylord

My old rollers do not have conical ends Barney, but reduced diameter pins. Maybe they were once conical and got worn that way?
Art Pearse

The full compliment bearings can vary slightly in design. The roller ends can be either conical or reduced diameter like handles of a rolling pin. Either way they serve the same purpose, being captured in the matching retaining rings at the ends.
Barney Gaylord

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