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MG MGA - 5 speed conversion

Trying to install MGA 1600 TUNNEL over trans.It will not clear shifter base. I cut out the top as in HIGH GEAR'S instructions and pounded out metal as much as possible.Anyone else have this problem or do I have to cut more out? THANK-YOU for any input.JOHN
John Gordon

John, is it the tunnel you're having trouble with or the shifter cover? Maybe a picture or two would help.
Andy Bounsall

ANDY, I found that I had mounted the bottom clamps wrong where they mount on the frame.ON-GOING restoration is starting to affect my judgement.JOHN
John Gordon

John, what five speed conversion are you using? I, too am wanting to do this and take out my stock...thanks!
JW Colson

The tunnel should fit snugly now you have sorted the bottom clamps - but watch out. You might find it jumps out of third gear. This will not be a problem with the gearbox but is caused by the tight fit between the tunnel and the gear lever. The instant fix is to replace the rubber gear lever boot with one from an MGB
David Marklew

If you have the quick shift lever on your gearbox, the standard MGA rubber shift boot should work fine. With the standard shift lever, you may need to use an early MGB boot as David suggested.
Andy Bounsall

I'm also installing the Hi-Gear 5 speed conversion. One of the tricks to make it work are to mount the tunnel on top of the floor boards.

TCV Velardi

THANK-YOU ALL for your input. This site and BARNEY'S are a pleasure to read. I got the tunnel in and the trans. seems to shift without interference.I also wondered about switching the boards. JOHN
John Gordon

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