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MG MGA - 5 speed ideas

Wanting to put a 5 speed rear end in my '61 MGA. I had heard that a pinto/ford rear end would work well and with a good fit. Is this so and what are my other options? Thanks!
JW Colson

When you find a 5 speed REAR END let me know!!!!! Damn ,I will have the fastest car out there. I think you mean 5 speed transmission. The two most common are the Hi-Gear which is from a Ford usually found in England, and the other is the Rivergate which is from a Nissan. I have the Hi-Gear. No cutting or welding and can be reversed without any problems. Please let me know if you can find that rear end. Everyone will want to get one.


As Jeff says, the Hi-Gear kit is probably the most common option for the MGA. This is their website:

They provide the entire kit, including the Ford Type 9 box if you are unable to source one of your own. Most of their export trade is with the USA and Australia, so they have freighting well sorted.

The company does not have a shortage of boxes, although UK stocks are depleting because of their popularity with the classic car fraternity. They are currently sourcing boxes from Poland. The company's owner, Peter Gamble, also told me recently that a UK company is currently tooling up to produce new ones to a higher standard than the originals.

Steve Gyles

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