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MG MGA - 5-Speed in Ausralia

After reading all the bumf on the recent thread and in other sources I am considering installing a ford type 9 gearbox and conversion as per the Hi-Gear kit...I am mostly retired as well and can pursue these delights. Really like the idea of dropping a few revs when cruising the long distances here in Oz and having syncro on first --just looked at their site and kit is very comprehensive --even includes a short throw gear lever ( shift?).
I've asked Hi-Gear by fax ( no email address!) for the price for buying and shipping the conversion kit over here but think it is going to be revolting( it weighs 55kg ..seems high!)...does anyone know a company in Australia that imports this unit or makes a similar conversion unit ?
Looks like I can get the actual gear box from a company called Eurospeed here in Oz ( )and they have a range of forms and reconditions..anyone had any expeience with them ?

neil ferguson

G'day Neil
Dellow ( used to do kits for Toyota boxes here -don't know what they're like or if they do type 9's though
A Buick

Neil, drop me an email, and I may be able to help with a Hi-Gear kit.
Gary Lock

You could also contact Stuart Ratcliff at the MG Centre of Sydney. He sells a kit that uses the datsun/nissan 5 speed box. It's a quick simple conversion that can easily be converted back to the original gearbox. The only part required off him if you want to source your own parts is an alloy backing plate (this also makes it a cheap option). The gear stick exits through the original opening, The MGA clutch slave cylinder is resleaved to a smaller diameter, if you have a 1600 /early 1800 engine the spigot bush can be reused later 5 bearing engines require a new spigot bush. The later 1600 mk11 or MGB pressure plate is used The clutch plate and thrust bearing can be obtained from REPCO or any other spare parts supplier, The speedo needs recalibration for M.P.H. however you can use it as is because the M.P.H. digits will now read as K.P.H. He is very helpful, will advise on the parts needed and give guidance during the conversion. the gearboxes regularly appear on ebay or are available at wreckers.
I Hazeldine

I Hazeldine.....
thanks for info nd I wish I'd known about the alternative last night...could find nothing on the search engines !!
Yesterday I received a reply fom Hi-Gear and the transport by air to melbourne of kit plus box was very reasonable combined with thee glorious exchange rate ( for us downunder )I committed last night to the whole thing..should be here within the month.
Hi-Gear man told me they had shipped 2500 of these kits for various MGs.
neil ferguson

Had the hi gear kit installed on my Coupe last year with the Ford box-delighted with the result
would advise looking at fitting a drain plug as there is no way to drain the oil (Ford filled it for life!!!) and make sure it is filled with the correct oil Hi Gear advise which type.
And if you intend fitting reverse lights make sure the switch and wiring is in place prior to fitting !
P D Camp


I sourced the Hi-Gear kit, gearbox and a new engine from the MGOC for my MGB a few years ago - it was all air freighted from the UK to Canada and arrived in a couple of days! If you are intersted, I documented my experience of the conversion in my first, and only, web page. The car was sold with 10,000+ miles on the 5-speed and I never had a problem or regretted making the change.

I will be in Sydney for 10 weeks from mid February to visit our daughter who moved there in 2000 and has since married a local. Great place to visit during our winter.

Good luck and enjoy,

BJ Quartermaine

Don't forget the one big drawback with the 5-speed box and lower engine revs - you can hear the wife a lot more!
P. Tilbury

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