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MG MGA - 5 speed oil leak

Hi all,

Good news foor me.After three years my 1600 in old english white with red interior is ready and driving. Only the soft top has to be installed.
The bad news is that I discovered that my 5 speed Sierra gearbox is leaking oil at the speedo drive gear.Has anyone of you any experience with that problem and any information how to fix it.Is it an easy fix?
Any info or help is more than welcome.

H. Jorens

Drain the oil and those seals are a fix from the outside underneath. May be a tight squeeze up inside the tunnel though.
Barney Gaylord

As Barney says it is a tight squeeze in situ. On one occasion I had to change the speedometer pinion drive on my 5-speed and had to take the engine and gearbox out to get access.

Steve Gyles

The other option is to make a removable cover on the side of the gearbox tunnel, as I did. I found access in that area so tight (even though I have quite small hands) and it was impossible to get anything in that area let alone do any manipulation of a tool or seal.

It took 10 minutes to make the hole, 10 minutes to tidy it up, and then 30 minutes to make a cover and fit it once I was happy with the pinion drive
dominic clancy

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