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MG MGA - 5 Speed purchase?

I want to buy a 5 speed. I don't need all the stuff Moss offers with their expensive kit. I have a new pressure plate, clutch and release bearing. Jim Hall offers a less costly kit but wants full cash price with a promise of 3-4 weeks delivery. Have any of you dealt with him? I'm not excited about putting up nearly $3000 for a promise. Are there other suppliers?
G T Foster

Hi Gerry,
Try Quantum Mechanics in Monroe Ct.
Very good to deal with greate reputation and fair pricing.

L Caya

Thanks Ken,
I discovered Quantum after a bit of searching last night and have already received a response from them.

G T Foster

Jim Hall, MG Five Speed, is a member of our club, a long time Moss dist. and is 100% trustworthy. If ever a problem, he will correct.

Bob Wrenn
Bob Wrenn

You could look for a FORD T9 gearbox from a FORD Merkur from your local, or not so local, breakers (scrap) recycling yard. They used to go for about $200 a piece, but then some heard they would go into MGA's and upped the prices!
You can then get the correct bell housing kit from Peter Gamble of Hi-Speed engineering in the UK to fit your particular engine - MGA, MGB 3 or 5 bearing, low or high starter. He is most helpful. He also supplies the speedo cable, etc. Kit without the gearbox is about Pounds Sterling 750, plus freight.(about US$1100).
P. Tilbury

Thanks Peter,
I am aware of that option, but it appears T9 gearboxes are very hard to find in the US. I'm guessing, based on the lead times I been given (3-4 weeks) that the various US suppliers are getting parts from Europe.
G T Foster

I got my kit from Peter Gamble in England. It was for low starter MGB clutch and included the T9. Shipping is high and customs is expensive and a real hassle with all the Dept Homeland Security stuff now. He usually shipped via Air Freight and you go pick it up and do all the customs work, or hire an agent.

I would recommend checking with Peter Gamble and checking the cost with Fedex shipping to let Fedex do the customs, regulations, etc. (Fedex will charge you separately afterword for the import duties etc.)

Peter Gamble is very helpful in putting together a kit to meet exactly what you need. Most all parts are in his stock.

I am very happy with the kit (three boxes) I got from him.


Jim Ferguson

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