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MG MGA - 5-Speed Reversing Light Switch

I am having trouble with my plug connector for my Type 9 reversing light switch. I have been using 5 amp female bullet connectors, but they keep working loose. I have tried crimping them tighter with little success - more like total failure. Ford only seem to supply the proper socket with the complete wiring loom attached!

I have thought about soldering the wires to the terminals but access for the soldering iron is the problem there. Not sure I can remove the switch with the gearbox and tunnelling installed, but will have a look at that option a bit closer tomorrow.

Nothing on Ebay.

Any other suggestions, other than a visit to a scrap yard?

Steve Gyles

I have noticed the same problem with fitting a proper female connector to the switch. The female bullet connectors just don't work. Someone makes the proper connector without a harness, just keep up the search and let us know. Don't resort to soldering yet.

Scrap yard may well be the most likely and best source.

Jim Ferguson

Soldered female bullet connectors to the terminals and then put bullet connectors about 4 inches down the wires. Soldered up quite easily, despite restricted access through a 1" inline hole I had previously cut in the tunnel.

Working ok.

Steve Gyles

I have scanned the gearbox section from the Haynes Manual ' if you would like a copy please contact me off board
dominic clancy

I am having trouble with my electric windows Steve. The up and down buttons on the dash need masking to look like original!

I think I am going to simply buy an SLK :)
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo


Mine won't go up either. In fact I cannot even find them. Must be inside that door panelling somewhere.

Now to fix my high level stop light. They have also stopped working!


Steve Gyles

Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

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