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MG MGA - 59 dizzy

Removed the dizzy from my 59 1500. Someone has moved the condenser to the outside of the dizzy on a copper strap. It was very neatly done, I think probably for cooling. Is this something that was common way back and is it needed? The car has not been run for 20 yrs. The condenser is about twice as big an original condenser but the points were not pitted. Should I leave it? Dave
OOP's I think the condenser is called something else now. Shows my age.
DL Rezin

The capacitor can be outside if you want. Depends whether you want concours or not. I'd leave it and see how it runs before deciding whether to change.
Mike Ellsmore

My guess is the replacement was put on the outside because it didn't fit inside. Unless there are other issues, a stock condenser should work just fine.

I like originality, so I'd put a new standard condenser inside if it were me. But if that's not important to you, it probably doesn't matter if it's inside the distributor or not.

Best of luck with whatever you choose to do or not do.

Larry Wheeler

This thread was discussed on 15/04/2015

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