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MG MGA - 59 MGA Coupe value

I have a 52 MG TD and may decide to add another MG to my garage and purchase a 59 MGA Coupe through a private estate sale. I am interested in opinions re the value of this vehicle. Following are some key details:

- professional full body off restoration/paint in 2005, absolutely no rust, excellent chrome
- has a rebuilt MGB motor, rear end and overdrive - the matching number motor and tranny are in good shape and will be sold with the car
- new black interior with requisite red piping to match car colour
- the wire wheels were removed, but these will be included as well, has new Pirellis
- all receipts and records of restoration included

Thanks in advance for any insight.
Phil Atrill


For a quick comparison, you could check the completed sales (and what didn't sell) on ebay. If the car is as right as it sounds, I say its roughly worth 15,172.36 USD.

Dennis Suski

G Goeppner

Give or take of course
Vin Rafter

Without seeing it, just the description, I say upwards of $20K USD or, more precisely, $19,752.99..:)
G T Foster

>> $15,172.36...
>> $19,752.99...

You guys are obviously eBay-ers!
Andy Bounsall

If it has been fitted with an MGB overdrive box it must have been significantly modified under the gearbox tunnel to fit the larger B overdrive box in. Probably some cutting and welding of the chassis to allow it to fit.
So I would suggest you have a careful look at that area before you buy just make sure a it looks ok.
Colyn Firth

Is worth what you or someone else is prepared to pay. First I would be geting a second valuaton from yours or the aqualified valuer on site. Reminds me of when my parents lived in Argentina in 1970s. Locals could not import or export cars so only Diplomats like my parents could bring cars into the country andexport old ones. My dad's attache brought in a Honda 750 bike (considered a super bike at the time)and exchanged with a local in Buenos Aires for a genuine SS100 Jag in unrestored perfect working condition (many old cars were kept on the roads due to limited supplies) then exported the Jag when he left Argentina...true story I was there and rode in the Jag!
Mark Mathiesen

Sounds like a very nice car. However, as was mentioned by Colyn, the MGB trans/OD unit will not fit without some modification to fit the larger unit. I would guess the coupe is worth something in the high teens in USD. It would be a bit more if the economy wasn't gasping for breath. Estate sales can be a mixed bag. Sometimes the sellers want to unload grandpa's car quickly and will give you a real deal. Othertimes, you're dealing with people who think it's in the same league as a Jaguar XK120 and price it accordingly. Then there's the sentimentality factor. "Oh, Grampy took us for rides in that car when we were little! We can't ask less than 35K!".
Anyway, check it out and if looks and runs out as it should, make them an offer. Good luck!
K Cobley

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