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MG MGA - 6 Blade Fan

Just found this on ebay, 6 blade 355mm plastic fan, being advertised as a replacement for the mechanical fans on all B series engines and as a cooling improvement, item no 3702917988534, I would be interested to hear anyone
Vin Rafter


Can you check the item number. It drew a blank with me when I entered it. I also could not find it searching for MGB fan.

Steve Gyles

Try 370291798534

Chuck Schaefer

Good one Chuck.

It is 5cm (2") greater diameter than my standard 6-bladed fan. Difficult to tell the pitch of the blades from the photo but, assuming it is the same, then I guess it will shift more air per revolution.

Putting my head above the parapet, dare I venture to say that it could improve cooling. I have never suffered overheating, but it could help those in hotter climes.

My thoughts.

Steve Gyles

Sorry about the number steve and thanks for your view,I was interested to note that you have a 6 blade fan the fan I have fitted at the moment only has 4, I also dont have a lot of problems with over heating unless im stood in trafic on a hot day and then the temp gets to hot
Vin Rafter


According to Clausager, all MGAs had 6-bladed fans, including the Twin-Cam (page 64, 3rd column).

Steve Gyles

Coincidentally, I have just ordered one of these fans from NTG, I will let you all know how it performs when I fit it.
I must be getting well down my priority "to do" list and starting to look for other parts of the car to play about with.
Wondering where to put the cocktail cabinet!
colyn firth

Steve, I have been and had a look under my bonnet and of course you are quite correct my apologies, I really ought to look before I speak.
Never the less (with a nod to colyn) I would be very interested to know if the extra 50 mm fan width makes any difference regards Vin.
Vin Rafter

The later B plastic fane (also from a Marina) is supposed to fit with mnor mods, and doesn't have any rivets to fail and destroy the bonnet
dominic clancy

This plastic fan appears to be one piece with no rivets. I think the eyelets are reinforcement around the bolt holes, probably a good idea, and nothing to come apart.
Barney Gaylord

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