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MG MGA - 6 cylinder Twin Cam...

Yes this is not an optical illusion or Photoshopped digital image, this is a real MGA with 6 cylinder twin cam engine! It has some interesting features like no heater shelf, detachable bonnet, open wheel arches, cold air scoop on the scuttle, etc.

Mike Ellsmore

Ah Mike
A million years ago I had a 100/4 with an engine just like that ---Jaguar

William Revit

There is a Jaguar somewhere that is missing a heart.
I would drive that beautiful vehicle in a HEARTBEAT.

Not a lot of MGA in the cockpit - the handbrake looks original!

Mike Ellsmore

Great looking work on that car Mike. Is it an Australian vehicle? Love to see more pics.
Gary Lock

A lot of work and effort there. I know the XK engine well as I have 3 cars with them and have rebuilt a number of them over the last few years.

They are a lot longer than the B series BMC unit and weigh around 300kgs. You'd have to do some serious suspension and chassis reinforcement to make that safe.

Nevertheless, what fun!
A Bowie

I thought I would just tease you all by just releasing a picture a day!
It is an Australian car and the owner is from down Geelong way. This pic shows the other side of the engine bay, front suspension is standard MGA but brakes are ventilated discs with alloy large pot calipers. The Jag engine has been moved back as far as as possible by cutting away the heater shelf. You can also see there is no inner guards at the front. (It is a competition car only)

Mike Ellsmore

Thanks Mike...all I can say I hope the owner is accepted into the MG ranks as any other MGA owner. ...not like me when I first did the Honda S2000 conversion and was "shunned". Now (at least in Queensland), we have a show class for Variants.
Gary Lock

whenever an unusually engined MGA turns up at the English MGA Day there is always a fair crowd standing around admiring it.

My car was directed to park amongst the TwinCams as it was apparently "A car of interest!" Probably because it looks a lot like a twincam and because I have modified it quite a bit too. It probably puts me and my car into a "Deviants" class rather than your "Variants" class Gary" :)

I was parked next to a beautifully prepared roadster (in BRG I think) with Minilite wheels, Hoyle front suspension and an amazing exhaust note!
It has something like a 4 litre Rover V8 fitted in to that engine bay with around 200 bhp and similar torque!

I was chatting to the owner who looked amazingly good considering how many problems he had to solve to fit that engine.

He told me that the engine had to be fitted into the chassis before the bodywork was fitted, and that to take the engine out means that first, the body has to be totally removed!

I would really really really look after that engine if it was my car!

Cheers Gary (Your car sounds awesome)

Colyn Firth

MG C type...

Mike Ellsmore

Another photo showing the unique grille, side exhausts, Brooklands aero screens... a unique car. Not a bad looking TC in the background either!

Mike Ellsmore

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