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MG MGA - 6 Volt Battery alternative

Would 2, 6-volt motorcycle or lawn tractor batteries start the car?
Arthur DiLello

I don't think there will be enough cold cranking amps CCA to turn the engine over and have power to the points to start it.. It would probley take a lot of those batteries hooked up together to make it work Let's hear from Barney and see what he has to say!!!

Thanks for your reply, Jeff. I saw that one 6-volt motorcycle battery had about 300 CCA. So I'm guessing that two batteries would be double. I operate the car in temperate weather.

I don't feel like purchasing two, new, proper MGA 6-volt batteries. I also don't feel like elongating the battery cradle to accommodate a 12-volt battery.
Arthur DiLello

Just buy a 12V that fits in the existing battery tray. Works fine in my car, even with the higher compression and supercharger.
dominic clancy


Two 6 volt batteries in series double the voltage but CCA doe NOT double.

Check these sites for dimensions for various battery sizes:


Larry Hallanger

Thanks for your input, guys. My battery cradles are not proper replacements. I fashioned and welded angle iron neatly around the original type batteries. Unfortunately, a 12-volt group 26 battery will not fit. For what a pair of 6-volt motorcycle batteries cost, I just might roll the dice.
Arthur DiLello

For what it's worth you may not start it on a cold day in NY. Take time and less money that two 6v units and just enlarge the battery box and fit a group 24. 300 CCA will not do the trick.
Sandy Sanders

Arthur, redo your battery box to hold one 26 series battery. These bateries work great and I have not bought one since I replaced it in 1980......Like I said, I have not bought one as I bought a LIFETIME from JC Penny and now Firestone replaces them for me. Those guys were stupid to sell me one.!!!!!!!

Everyone who is trying to give you advice is trying to be polite. It appears bluntness is called for. Your Motorcycle battery idea WONT work. It will be a waste of money. Follow Jeff's advice and redo the battery box on the Passenger side to fit a proper 12 V car battery. I prefer the Optima batteries as they are more durable and don't create the acid damage normal batteries do.
R J Brown

Thanks. That's what I wanted to know.
Arthur DiLello

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