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MG MGA - '61 Transmission Switch out

Have the motor out and the gear box. Was thinking of putting in a smoother trany/gear box to handle better on Freeways. Any suggestions as to what works well? Thanks!
JW Colson

There are several five speed conversions available form Moss, Hygear, etc. Should be able to find plenty of info in the archives.
J Heisenfeldt

Yes - have all the synchros replaced on your MGA box. There is nothing wrong with it as long as it is in good shape. They synchros wear much more quickly than on modern transmissions.

A mechanic will also check for any other problems as well as making sure all clearances are correct.

I really enjoy the early non-synch box - I like it better than the all synch in fact. And in close ratio form it is wonderful!

If you need lower RPM and better crusing capability, that is the time to investigate 5 speed options (including using an OD MG box)
Bill Spohn

John, I have the Ford type 9 box fitted to my 1600 ll, using the Hi-Gear fitting kit. It works really well, and needs next to no modification to the bodywork, with the gear lever in exactly the same place, so you can convert back some time in the future if you want to. Obviously this gives synchro on all gears, which is nice, but the 5th gear is an overdrive, so cruising is much more relaxed. I am vey glad I had the conversion done. AB
A Bennett

If you decide to keep the stock gearbox, bolting in a stock rear end from a B will help you a little on the freeway. A complete rearend is not hard to come by and the cost is reasonable.
J Heisenfeldt

This thread was discussed on 15/05/2008

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