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MG MGA - $63k MGA

Anyone know anything about the 1956 1500 that sold for $63k at the Gooding auction in January?

Commentator in Sportscar Marketplace said it was one of the best restorations he had ever seen.
David Littlefield

Did it have an "onda" engine in it? Cheap if it did

Appologies for humour!
Bob Turbo Midget England

Bob, you're a stirrer! Will you be a MG Live?..must meet for a chat.
Gary Lock

There was this twin cam which sold fpr $70k US plus 10% Buyers premium

But it was in an auction with a lot of other expensive metal

dominic clancy

I can sell 4 fine MGAs, only in need of slight restoration for an undisclosed price, to be determined at auction. Floors, sheet metal and engines included except for the floor in one. Engines not exactly all running, but for the price I'm asking, I should charge for your personal satisfaction of knowing that you did it yourself!
Mike Parker

Gary I will be at MG Live (MGCC Silverstone international) and will enjoy meeting you or anyone else going as usual.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Hmmm. So I guess the answer to my question would be "no." :)
David Littlefield

I take it by the tremendous lack of response here that nobody is interested in "investing" in my wonderfully ready to be restored cars? I figure you can make a killing, and I can purchase a nice daily driver while providing you a nice restoration experience.
OK, maybe not.
Mike Parker

I think there was "Stunned Silence" in reaction to your generous offer! I already have 4 MG's so I do not need another but, thanks for the offer.

Check out the RM Auction site for Amelia Island last month (¤tpage=5&Collection=#).A 59 TC was sold for $77,000.

G T Foster

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