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This kind of got buried in the $63K MGA thread, but, for those who care, a 59 mga twin cam Roadster sold for USD $77,000 at the Amelia Island (Florida) auction a couple weeks ago. See here:¤tpage=5&Collection=#

G T Foster

The Twin Cam shown, said to be of a Concours standard, has a couple of non-standard items.
I am not criticising the owner's personal choices, to which he is entitled, but they should not be on a Concours car.
The "MG" letters on the camshaft covers should not be filled in with red paint.
It should not have the "Dunlop" decals on the wheels.
It has a non-standard steering wheel, not the optional type offered by the factory.
The sale article says that it was the original Mineral Blue colour with grey trim, but the factory records show that Twin Cam chassis #1841 was Old English White with red trim.
It says it has a BMIHT certificate, but they would not have issued one with the incorrect colours.
It says that Mineral Blue was a Twin Cam only colour, but that is not true, pushrod coupes came in Mineral Blue.
Only two Mineral Blue Twin Cams were built and they were both RHD. This car was built as LHD.

M F Anderson

In any case, it's a truly beautiful car. I saw it firsthand in Pennsylvania at GT-33.
Mark J Michalak

That car was Bill King's car. I won Premiere Class at GT-33. He had it in Key West for the Last Sunset in 2009. I followed him in one of the drives. He didn't do the Parade for fear of overheating.

It is a good looking car and restored in California. I think his first car show with that car was in a misting rain in Hiawassee, Ga and of course he took first place.


Jim Ferguson

I have spent more time going through the factory records for the Twin Cam.
When I said only two Mineral Blue Twin Cams were built I meant roadsters.
In fact only one Mineral Blue Twin Cam roadster was built and this was listed as a special order and was RHD.
Mineral Blue Twin Cam coupes were more common and 36 of those were built.

M F Anderson

Prices may be going up - in January 2011, at the Gooding auction in Scottsdale, AZ, a 56 Roadster went for $63,800!

It is item #132 here:
Ken Doris

A friend of mine, who's restoring a Twin Cam, said this car was offer for sale a while ago on the Twin Cam web site for $50,000 so it looks like it did well at the auction.
G T Foster

Whats a non running but 95% complete Twin cam roadster worth. Sheetmetal is very solid.


About $5K...cheque is on the way!
Gary Lock

Hi I don't think MGA's were fitted originaly with the "tripod" style head lights but I could be wrong
also the lower front valance looks a poor fit seems to be out from the wing by a good half inch ?

g c pugh

Gordon, that poor fit of the front valance is actually a
reflection on the top of the bumper and you are looking at the bottom of the wing.
I wish that Twin Cam was parked in my garage.

R Sanders

I noticed the steering wheel. Minus the black stripe around the circumference,iit is identical to mine. Does anybody know what type it is.
Gordon Harrison

Lempert wheels are from that area. He did a replica for me with the wood I selected (Rosewood). He will do jst about any replica and does excelent work.

WMR Bill

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