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MG MGA - a good project

Hi all this looks like a good project for a brave person, although scruffy I would think fairly original and unmolested, original washer bottle, felt pad under bonnet still in place, original door rubbers in place even the rust and filler look original lol

if you go on their main site there are a couple more and more pics

g c pugh

The "more powerful 1500BP engine"?

Ah, remember the days when a car like that could be bought for $100......

G T Foster

The radiator cap looks good, but sadly not original!

I rather fancy the TR3A/B in the background.
Steve Gyles

Hi Steve, Graham and GTF, if you go on their site there are some very interesting cars on there, a fairly good frogeye, a couple more A's one with a cut down screen and strange wheels and rear lights and an XK150 that looks like it might be a good buy for someone

g c pugh

There is a project on sale here with (according to seller) the chassis restored and all the panels there to complete the body. CHF 5000.

dominic clancy

....rocker panels and dog legs look home made and I bet the B posts are gone...but it does look like a good candidate....
Wyatt Wolcott

ive looked at the site, I like the look of the big healey
V Rafter

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