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MG MGA - A lesson learnt

Now I know how the specialist Dealers get high prices for cars. It is because they sell to people who don't know. I looked at a stunning Alfa with the intention of maybe trading my A. Well it was "stunning " all right, especially after I drove it. A heap of the proverbial!
Plus the engine had bad blow past and bubbled up in the radiator. There was no interest in the 100% mechanical condition of my A, just a criticium of some over spray under the bonnet. Perhaps the dealers are only providing what the market wants ? I'm the one who is nieve. My mate ,when driving home "you are mad if you sell this A " I think he is right. Sean
S Sherry

You can never compare a project you've put your own heart and soul into, often over a long period of time, with something a business will do for a quick turnover and a quick profit.
T Aczel

This thread was discussed on 15/12/2010

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