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MG MGA - A MGA is born...

My "new" MGA is born. Last time on road 1982. Now live in Norway. Its a 1956 mod from Oklahoma..

Regards Are Christensen
AC Are

AC Are

Forgot picture
AC Are


AC Are

Very nice car Are. What is the source for the nice vents in the wings?
Bill Young

That green was never very popular - but it looks really good in racing trim without the front bumper - are the holes in the valance for air to the brakes or spotlights?
Cam Cunningham

Just keep them rolling! Great job. Can we have some details regarding the wheels please.
BM Gannon

Beutiful job, and I love the color and Deluxe seats. How long did it take you to restore the car?

Andy Preston

Yeah! Another MGA that has been restored and not painted red!
Steven B

The car is bring back to the originale Ash Green. I use 11/2 year to restore the car. I have used wheels from Saab 99-90-900 up to 87 mod. 5.1/2 X 15" .. The tire is 195/65-15. British racing green de luxe seat from Bob West..
The holes in the Sebring valance for air to the disc brakes with servo..
The engine is a performmance 18V engine with 3,9:1 ratio rear axle..

Are Christensen Norway
AC Are


Very nice car.

David Honness

Absolutely beautiful, very tasteful.
Steve Meline

Having seen your other cars, I of course expected this one to be nice. But the result is even better than I thought it would be. Love that Ash Green colour.


Steven B, of all the red MGAs produced, 137% of them are still on the road. :-)
David Breneman

AC your car is one of the prettiest I've ever seen - I love the colour. It occurs to me however that when you tell the insurers that it is 'modified' by taking off the bumpers, do they load up the premium on the basis that it might suffer more damage in a crash?
J H Cole

Beautiful car! Nice job.
Jerry Murphy


Love the car, especially the color!

Here is Japan, the car is the color of wasabi. You can guess what they call it....


Tom Baker

That is one beautiful car, do the vents pull air out of the engine bay? Very effective on a Healey. Ilike it alot!
R.AF. Robert Finucane

Thanks for all nice comment..
Tom what they call them ?
Look for some detail..first fire extinguisher..

Regards Are Christensen ..Norway

AC Are

Looks great. Some details of the engine would be really interesting
R.W. Homer

AC....more pictures...PLEASE!!!!
Wim Betzel

Here are the engine..18V with hif4 ..

AC Are

Absolutely stunning
David Terhune


I am also interested to know if the wing vents draw heat out of the engine bay.

Chris Bond

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