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MG MGA - A page for Barney's library,542779.msg3964562.html#msg3964562

(apologies if you already have it)
Geoff E

Are you spamming this website?

M F Anderson

Doh! Sorry!

Try this,28804,1658545_1657867_1657786,00.html
Geoff E

One man's opinion, hyped up to sell magazines. Why should this merit any mention on my web site?

His first comment is that his 1969 MGA (push rod engine) is "a fantastic British sports car". He also mentions that the primary problem with the Twin Cam has been resolved. Sort of takes the edge off of his own comments.

You might notice it is not the 14th worst of all times, but that the list is in chronological order. During the time frame that contains this car, the list contains less than 1 car every two years on average. In the 1975-1989 time frame he lists more than one bad car per year on average. That makes the time frame of the MGA appear to be a very good time for cars in general, so maybe it doesn't take much to be considered "bad".

He also lists in the same article "the best-selling passenger vehicle in America 14 years running" as a bad car. With that many millions of people thinking differently, how can you give this guy any credence?
Barney Gaylord

Spot on Barney the guy is a fool and I suppose is entitled to his opinion, however it is written in such a way as to suggest to the reader that he is some sort of expert? which he clearly isn't!
Bob Turbo Midget England

Well I'm quite happy to have a mga twin cam in my garage!
I wonder if my 1250 TF gets a mention!
Don in the cold cold hills of Adelaide. (well it's cold to me)
D J Walker

I had no intention to offend ... I just wondered if in some dark corner of that immense website there existed a "Hall of Shame" or "naughty Step" or whatever ...
Geoff E

Naughty step seems like it could have merit Geoff :)
Bob Turbo Midget England

We could get Trevor Boicey to post this guy's picture under "Obscure British Humor" here:

If my web site is to cover "all things MGA", then perhaps there should be a "Hall of Shame" to include such things. Just have to make it clear that the shame is on the author of that article, not on the Twin Cam.
Barney Gaylord

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