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MG MGA - a rare one

Hi anyone fancy this my dad bought one new lol, I remember I was sick every time I went in it

g c pugh

I think this was the last car to have a true Riley engine designed in the mid thirties............Mike
m.j. moore

I think it shared the BMC C series engine with the Wolseley 6/90 and was the first application of their new 6 cyl engine....


Although the Wolseley 6/90 used the new C series engine the Riley Pathfinder used the Riley twin cam 2.4 litre four from the larger RM series cars. The eBay car certainly has the Riley engine.

The Riley came out in 1953 a year before the Wolseley. Not sure about the Wolseley but the Riley was built at Abingdon alongside the MGA. The last Pathfinders were made in 1957.

Because of their sometimes suspect handling they became known as Ditchfinders.
Malcolm Asquith

Yes, the first 6/90s did the same... Gerald Palmer had visited the US and adapted the coil over rear suspension he saw on a Buick (or some GM car) for the new Wols/Riley (i think it was the same on the Riley)...turns out there was a weld problem that caused the car to end up upside down in ditchs... rather then change the weld method, BMC got nervous and went back to the old tried and true....mine is a later (series III) and has regular springs and shocks....with torsion bars on the front....

Just looked at the engine 'enlarged' neat is that??? A large 4?
Notice the trico washer bottle and holder....I was at a car flea market last summer and a Jag guy had one in about that shape...$350.00 ... almost died... went home and put a little soft pad under mine....

I believe I'm right in saying that rhey had an all aluminium body

g c pugh

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