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MG MGA - A very good wire wheel brush

I have eventually found a great wire wheel brush - made by Autoglym - these have strong nylon-like bristles about 2" long that hold their shape well. Head is about 1" diameter. You can push and prod around the spoke nipples and hub without banging your fingers. Highly recommended.

Mike Ellsmore

Absolutely! I don't know if it possible to clean wire wheels effectively and quickly without one of these (together with the standard type).

I have been using mine for the past six or seven years. Actually, I was so impressed I bought a second one and so they share the work. But the point is they are still in great shape and I really give them a bashing. The technique for these brushes is a quick and aggressive repeated stabbing. Doing the back of the wheel first seems to give best results for me. I never try and clean wire wheels on the car.

One more thing, I have found the standard (twisted wire cone type) brushes to be a bit of a pain. First the wire is not stiff enough next to the handle so i have to hold the wire. Secondly, I find after a while the little plastic protector breaks and, if you don't notice straight away, some nasty little scratches can result.

Can anyone recommend a good quality one of these too?

I hope you don't mind this partial hijack of your thread Mike? But, in any case, I fully endorse your recommendation!
Neil MG

I have also used the Autoglym brush for many years, eventually the plastic shroud where the bristles meet the handle shatters although the brush is still useable.

The problem with the twisted style brush is splash-back of dirty water over the operative when removing the brush from the wheel.

Current thoughts by many 'detailers' are that 'wheel woolies' are the best option, the cranked one is great for wires although the longer straight ones will get to the inside of the rim.
John Bray

Mike, haven't seen these around where did you pick yours up from
S P Rossetto

Mine was given to me but I see you can pick them up on Ebay

Not cheap but well worth it!
Mike Ellsmore

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