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MG MGA - accelerator linkage mounts

Last night I got the clutch and brake pedels installed and now am ready to do the accelerator, but I don't see where this will mount. Is there a good picture or diagram of the accelerator linkage mount under the dash?
Harley Johansen

Clausager's book Original MGA, page 76, has a good picture of the accelerator pedal and rod for a left hand drive car. The three holes in the left side bracket, and the two holes in the right side bracket, bolt into the captive nuts in the rear face of the "goalpost" of the chassis (frame). The acelerator cable and a return spring fit to the right side lever.
Page A19 in the original parts book shows the accelerator pedal, rod, and brackets as an exploded assembly.
P. Tilbury

Harley, hope this picture helps a bit. On my car the brake pedal was too close to the accelerator pedal so when I pressed the accelerator I caught the brake. I removed the brake pedal and cut off the brake pad and welded it back on 1/2" to the left. Now it's ok.

Andy 1600 Coupe

Andy Preston

Thanks guys. That helps. My car came in boxes and all bolts were thrown together in one box, so it is always a puzzle to find small parts and bolts. Pictures are a big help.
Harley Johansen

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