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MG MGA - Acceptable wear?

At first glance the ovality in my clutch slave cylinder push rod make it look like it is part of the SUs clutch linkage!

At first I thought I could get away with just fitting a new cotter pin but I think a new push rod is on the cards too.

I always knew that I had a heavy right foot but its now looking like I have a heavy left foot too.


c firth


I think that you mean that you need a new clevis pin not a new cotter pin.

M F Anderson

I think you are correct Mick, I was probably thinking about my old push bike days.
Its more surprising that I didnt mix the two up and call it a "Clever Pin"

c firth


Am I being pedantic or simply annoying?
I hope that the washer was not in the position shown in the photograph when you disassembled it.
The washer must be adjacent to the cotter (split) pin.

M F Anderson

A bit of both Mick! :-)

But no offence taken, it is a really important point though and if i get it wrong when I refit the motor it could mean taking it out all over again to re do it right or maybe even some damage in there somewhere.

You can stop worrying Mick, I have been a bit over the top careful when I took out the engine and then the gearbox.
l have taken pictures of everything before removing it.

I have even made a cardboard mock-up of the engine.
backplate with all the bell housing bolts inserted in the correct directions with notes saying if they need to be in place before the gearbox is lifted into position.

So far I have managed to take out both the engine and the gearbox on my own but I may try get some help refitting them.

Only one minor panic when I removed the engine, just as I was rolling the car back with engine swinging away gently above it, I heard a sound from the front of the car and looked up to see the engine dropping fast towards the front bodywork!
I rushed around and saw that the front leg of the lifting gear tripod had slipped on my newly painted garage floor.
luckily, it stopped slipping when the sump was about 2mm above the car! Phew!!

The tripod legs are going to be chocked in place when it goes back in.
Wish I had bought that engine lift now!

c firth


Having had to be rescued by the RAC a few years ago when this type of wear allowed the piston to partly come out of the cylinder I am a very cautious here.
When I took everything out on this occasion I found wear in almost all possible locations, i.e. pin, rod, bearing into bell housing, clutch release into arm. Added together they created a rod side failure. Hence I would examine the all the possible mechanical wear points and replace accordingly. Of course there is the other issue of getting a rod of the right length.
I was talking to a friend who has a garage and he said this was a well known problem in 'the old days' and he told me about a trick of the trade to effectively extend the rod by hammering a nut on the end of the rod. Guess what when I did the above dismantling I found the nut solution had been implemented at some time.

Paul Dean

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