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MG MGA - Accl. Spring Anchor....SU H4

The Accl Spring Anchor was missing on my H4 carbs so I bought one and can not find a good picture as to how it is situated ...does it hang straight down from the lower bolt on the rear carb....and what is the purpose for the little half loop coming off next to the bolt hole..? Thanks...Tom
Thomas Koch

Yes with the bend at the bottom pointing towards the side of the car, i.e., away from the engine.The loop is to prevent it twisting.

P. Tilbury

Thanks Peter.........since I bought the A in 2001 the Accl spring has been anchored at the bottom by just hooking under the heat shield and I never noticed until I started cleaning them up..thats an expensive bracket.....Tom
Thomas Koch

This is it in position when viewed from underneath.


Steve Gyles

Great Picture Steve........ thanks..Tom
Thomas Koch

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