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MG MGA - Accuspark Distributor on Fleebay

Does anyone have an opinion on these? What is a good alternative?
B Cronk


I use Accuspark "points" in three of my old Porsches, they work fine no problems. If their distributors are the same quality then they should be OK. Great thing is once set the Hall effect points never need adjusting again and you don't have to worry about dwell.
Their electronic points are better value than pertronix.

B Bridgens

Had Accuspark inside my lucas distributer for a year now.....easy to fit and no problems .
Neil Ferguson

I fitted one of their complete electronic 25D type distributors. Took about 20 minutes to fit and set up and has worked perfectly ever since (c.4000 miles).

A minor point, I'm pretty sure the distributor has an MGB (1962) RPM advance curve, this seems to work well but you need to use MGB setup instructions.

Overall, at this price, an excellent replacement for a worn Lucas distributor.

I wouldn't buy from Ebay though, go direct to they are very helpful and you get a proper warranty.

While I was there, I also bought one of their Set-Back timing lights. That was also well worth the money.

Paddy Reardon


I think the Ebay listing is Accuspark itself.

B Bridgens

I bought one off eBay last summer and so far so good.
N McGurk

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