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MG MGA - Accuspark Electronic Ignition kit

I bought one of above a month or so ago for about $45 and just got around to fitting. It did not go quite as easy as the silly ideal staged video on You Tube ( a 5 min job...a piece of the proverbial...) and took about two hrs because of a worn out screwdriver slot on one of the stiff old breaker hold down screws and the awkward position and visibility. But got the old points out and the accuspark in eventually .
I also reset my timing to 20deg at 1000rpm as per a Barney site recommendation.
I have taken the car out twice since above and so far comments are positive... starts without choke. It has NEVER done this before even summer or in the ferocious australian winter ( a nose bleeding +5deg C).
....seemed much much happier at high revs ..revving much more freely and consistently .

So far so good!!...will monitor fuel consumption but probably won't improve because I think I may adapt my driving to the more willing performance.
Neil Ferguson

Just a point of interest about the choke. If your car starts without choke does that not mean your running too rich or perhaps the warmer temperatures down under have something to do with it? In the UK my car is unhappy without some choke at start up that I take to indicate a correct response. Keep an eye on your spark plug colour.
J H Cole

Even in warm weather, after sitting overnight to cool a properly tuned car should need some choke for easy starting. If it starts from cool with no choke the fuel mixture is probably way too rich.
Barney Gaylord

Thanks for comments..... It always did need a short pull on the choke with the breaker points before I put the accuspark in...and last time I checked mix ( about 8 months ago) I used the gunston too view the combustion. I did not find it extraordinary to need no choke on a 23deg C day and no black from exhaust but I will check plugs and chamber combustion colour etc again and soon.
Neil Ferguson

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