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MG MGA - advise on tyers bat and exhaust

My car is an older restoration (about 10 yrs) and Im looking to replace the battery and tyres so Im wondering if anyone has recent experience with finding tyres with a tread pattern that doesnt look to modern and a good battery that will fit (possibly with a little alteration) into the tray, while Im at it Im also considering fitting a SS exhaust but I keep hearing conflicting views as to the sound so any advise in that department would also be welcome, thanks, Vin PS at the moment I have a large bore mild steal exhaust fitted to a 1800B engine witch sounds quite nice but i wouldnt mind if it was a little quieter, forgive spelling please.
Vin Rafter

Vin, for a classic tread pattern with modern performance I'd recommend the Vredestein Sprint Classic. A bit expensive, but really looks the part and comes in sizes to duplicate the original bias ply tires.

Bill Young

Hi Vin, I have just replaced my 12volt battery - went to Halfords and measured them up and found one that should be for a Fiat Punto diesel van (although other posts often suggest the MX5) - perfect fit but pricey at 80 - perhaps try another dealer next time . Mine has a stainless exhaust fitted by a PO - sounds OK - nice and raspy and turns heads - but there again I didn't hear it with a standard one. I too am looking to replace my 1994 vintage tyres - but haven't found a suitable replacement yet - cheers Cam
PS - any relation to Eddie Rafter - one time member of our club?
Cam Cunningham

Thank you for your comments,Cam Im afraid I dont know of any relation called eddie but I will be making a trip to halfords tomorrow
Vin Rafter


I have a used (20,000 miles) but fully serviceable ss exhaust box under the bench. You are welcome to try it out.

Steve Gyles

There is an article in this months Safety Fast re batteries (under the MGB Page) the writer recomended a Varta @ around 48- apparently fits the battery tray without modification.Also comments re batteries in the letter page
I have recently fitted Vredestein Classic Sprint tyres to my Coupe so far pleased with both performance and Look
P D Camp

Thank you all for your advise,I must say I find this forum really friendly and very helpfull, Steve thanks for the offer but I think Im just going to bite the bullet and have one fitted,do you know if the system for the A will fit readily to my 1800 engine. Vin
Vin Rafter

if anyone is considering replacing a battery I have just come accross a firm on the web at the following address,I found one 175mm sq by 190mm h 40Ah 360 cc at 40 inc vat and delivery, vin.
Vin Rafter

Vin is this a 12 volt battery or 6 volt? I'm thinking about batteries at the moment and the 6 volt 421's are around 80 making it an expensive 160 for a new set.
J H Cole

Hi, yes it is 12volt and as I said that is inc vat and delivery,Vin
Vin Rafter

Vin, with regards to the exhaust system it makes no difference which engine is fitted (so long as it is a B-series) A standard MGA exhaust system will fit so long as you have an MGA exhaust manifold. Or of course you can buy a performance system that includes the manifold. If you have it fitted make sure that the pipe is connected to the bell housing (two metal straps) in addition to the two flexible mountings.

Neil McGurk

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