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MG MGA - Aftermarket Spares 1965

If you are snowed in and nowhere to go I thought you might like this nostalgic view of a Halfords brochure from 1965. Plenty of MGA era spares in the first part of the brochure.

For overseas guys, Halfords was one of the UK high street motor factors in 1965. Almost every town would have one and still going today.


PS. It's all in old money. 20/- = 1. 240p = 1.
Steve Gyles


I particularly like the Peco exhaust booster!

Dave O'Neill 2

I had one of these battery chargers, bought by my father to run my Tri-Ang train set ( I mean model railway ! ) in the early 1960s.

Unfortunately, in the mid 1990s I was planning to recharge a car battery. My girlfriend helpfully plugged it into the wall socket, which was switched on; the croc clips were loose, unprotected ( see picture ) and touching each other. So, end of charger, and an acrid smell greeted me when I arrived home.

J N Gibson

Most remarkable are the prices - showing massive currency devaluation by successive governments - complete swindle !
Roger Walker

Lucky you're not buying today's must haves on a 1965 income.
Bolney Coupe

Thanks Steve
Lovely nostalgic trip down memory lane.

I remember now having one of those Telulog mileage recorders to work out my fuel consumption

They held a lot of nice stock

Graham V

They also used to have random bigger bits. I bought a half engine for our Mini. It was a 998 and we put our 848 head on it so went well. Sorry not MGA.

I still use their classic car engine oil, and it comes in a tin.

My max size 12v battery is one of theirs. Quite a bit bigger than Varna ones recently discussed.

Paul Dean

We here in the U.S. had our version of Halfords, J.C. Whitney Company of Chicago. They started out in 1915 and are still in business today. Their catalogues were packed with everything you may need for almost any car, truck or motorcycle, from radios to superchargers, pistons to seat covers. I still have one of their catalogues from 1971 & will post a few photos from it:

Nick Kopernik

Another page:

Nick Kopernik


Nick Kopernik

And finally:

Nick Kopernik

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