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MG MGA - Air Condioning Condensor

I plan on fitting air conditioning to my 1960 Coupe during it's current resotoration. I need to source a small consdensor that measures 10" X 18" wide. In fact at the San Jaun Batista car show this October the car that features in MGA Guru air conditioning section won the best MGA. I took many pictures of the air conditioning set up which was done really well, and also had the opportunity to talk to the owner who said the PO had installed the AC in Nebraska. It features a Sanden SD 507 compressor and under dash Evaportor. I can source everything except for the small condensor. Any help appreciated.


Andy Preston

I am sure you could get a custom one made, but don't know what the cost would be.

This one from a Geo Tracker seems to be close.
Jeff Schultz

Just measured my radiator area, and this one might fit a little better. It is a little wider, but not as tall.
Jeff Schultz

Look in the archives for (I hope to spell it right) ART ZWIST. I am not sure of the spelling of the last name, but he is in New Mexico or Texas and has done a few MGA's or the contact Barney as to who gave him the information. I believe Art also made the brackets for the ac to fit on the engine. I have seen his car at many of the National GT's. Good Luck.

This thread is just all kinds of wrong! 8^P
Del Rawlins

Art Ziesk is the guy's name you should be searching for. He built a very nice coupe for today's driving requirements.

Del, is your comment based on your location or based on some originality basis? I've been in Kodiak,AK during a heat spell. A week of sun and every day was over 80 deg. The stores sold out of kid's swimming pools and bottled water. No kidding. Everybody was uncomfortable and looking forward to the normal cooler weather and clouds. I, on the other hand, was having a heyday.

I can say that after owning a coupe, I would not consider rebuilding one without adding air. Even in northern Illinois, the temperature gets so warm that driving one is uncomfortably warm during the months of June - Aug. Nothing like getting out of your car soaking wet. This may be a reflection on the "human condition" or just me.

C Schaefer

It does not mention so....are you using a stock 1500/1600 engine or have you switched to an MGB engine? Gordon
Gordon Harrison

The condensor used in that MGA Coupe came from an early MGB A/C installation. That small size is hard to find new, but can be sourced by special order. Glad to see that Ed is having as much fun with the Coupe as I did.
Mike Minnesota


I talked to Art Ziesk several months ago and though he is no longer making parts for the A/C transformation he may be able to supply some specs that would help in bracket manufacturing. I am just about to start my coupe restoration (again) and plan to put A/C in it also. Contact me if you care to.

Randy Myers
'59 roadster, coupe
Randy Myers

>Del, is your comment based on your location or based on
>some originality basis?

Del Rawlins

I like the thought of A/C for my coupe. (Sorry Del:) Do you think components from something like a Mazda Miata (or other small car) would work?
G T Foster

Probably be a good companion mod for an automatic transmission conversion. 8^)
Del Rawlins

Gordon I'm using a 1600 engine that has been bored to 1622 + 30 thou, so it's about 1640 and I'm using MGB valves in the original MGA head, so it should be ok for power. The SD 507 uses about 5hp.

Randy I'm glad your restarting your restoration. do you still live in Napa. Please contact me off line so we can chat and help each other out.

I also found the photo of the MGA with air so have attached it. You can alos see the compressor underneath the generator, very neatly installed. Presently I'm talking to Nostalgic Air who are being very helpful and at least have the compressor and under dash evaporator.


Andy Preston

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