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MG MGA - Air Duct Brackets

Greetings all,

Were the two air duct brackets located just behind the grill body color or plated? All the photos I've seen show the one located on the fenderwell plated. Thanks!
Robert Maupin

Don't know for sure, but would imagine they would have been plated. They would most likely have been attached after the body was painted and the engine installed.
Jeff Schultz

I believe all three should be painted black!
Neil McGurk

Yes, Neil is correct, Painted black as they were installed after the body was mounted on the frame and before the grille was installed, So they would not have been part of the body paint operation and hence not body color.
Could they have been plated? I have never seen plated ones but that does not mean the factory didn't install plated ones. My guess would be, however, that if they lacked paint, they were perhaps just bare metal.
Fun stuff! I just love these mysteries.
James Johanski

Thanks guys!

I went back and looked once again in "Original MGA" and the brackets mounted on the inner fender were black, the silver parts I saw were the duct clamps.
I'm not doing a "concours" car by any measure. However, if I can put parts back the way they left the factory and doing so is this easy and inexpensive.....why not do it? Cheers!
Robert Maupin

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