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MG MGA - Air filter I/D

I have some old air filter elements which fit the Vokes cans. They are a double layer of fine metal screen, pleated and with felt sealing at the sides. There is nothing between the screens. What could they be?
Art Pearse

How about a photo Art.
BM Gannon

They are the original "filters" from the days before paper elements. See the other info regarding filter elements.
M. H. Dabney

Sounds like factory filters to me too.
Chuck Schaefer

Here it is.

Art Pearse

Original filters Art, give them a good soak in petrol, shake, and allow to dry and they will serve you for years. I'm still using the originals on my 1600, dated from 1961.
BM Gannon

OK Thanks!
Art Pearse

Barry - nice to hear that you still use the originals. I am considering taking off the K&Ns fitted by a previous owner and putting back the originals.
Cam Cunningham

Cam, not in use yet! Maybe next year. But I will use them.
Art Pearse

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