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MG MGA - Air filters

air filters
I do have the original filter housings which tended to 'clunk' at times against the wheel arch panel when powering off the engine.

I have had an older replacement set of aluminum air filters. One of them needed to be cut to fit in place. I believe it is the leading filter. I'd like to get some thoughts on what to use as mine need updating, at the very least.

Has anyone used the chrome crested filters? Pricey, but wondering about the fit. Choice of MG or SU crest?? What info about the other available filters such as the Stelling and Hellings or the K & N from the Moss catalog?

Steve Lofaro, Simi Valley, CA
Stephen Lofaro

I am using the K&N filters and casings . No problems with them fouling the wings. Perhaps your engine mountings are soft or broken and need replacing - I had to replace mine a couple of years ago when one snapped.

Cam Cunningham

This thread was discussed on 07/04/2013

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