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MG MGA - air filters

Yesterday I was struggling to get the air filters off and on the carburettors.So I was thinking about those nice looking pancake air filters Accuspark is selling. When you fit these you can easy remove the lid, clean the filters en refitt them. On the other side these filters are smaller so less surface to let air in. But the filter material is sponge that,I suppose, lets pass air more easy than the felt material from the original filters.
So my question is if anyone of you has fitted those air filters from Accuspark on his MGA and if so what was your experience?Did they affected the performance of the engine?
Regards, Herman
H. Jorens

Herman or anyone, what am I missing here? I remove the two bolts on the top of each filter and the covers come right off. They go right back on the same way. Are we talking about the same thing?
Neil MG

Herman, At one time I had pancake filters installed. They gave plenty of room to adjust carbs and easy to remove. However they restrict the volume and the clean entry of air into the carbs. I changed out to K & N Filters. Still have the pancake filters on the shelf. I suppose they would work for a small volume piston such as on a motorbike, but not for our cars.
Ray Ammeter

Ok for the rear filter but with the front filter it is a struggle for me. At the rear I undo the bolts from the lid and for the front one I undo the bolts that hold the filter to the carburettor.
Thats just what I was thinking.
H. Jorens

Convert the outer bolts to wing bolts. That's what i did years ago. Makes it easy to undo and do up the bolts.

P. Tilbury

Another solution to ease carb removal is to place a 5/16-18 heli-coil in the carb body holes and drill a 5/16 hole thru the air filters. Then use a long 5/16-18 bolt thru the air cleaner to the carb body. Only requires two bolts/carb - no nuts. Certainly simplifies removal and installation. I did mine this way years ago.
Bill Haglan

Easy job on an A, a bugger of a job on a B because of the stupid horsehoe brackets to screw long bolts into. Stand at the front of the car to get better accessif you are right-handed, and use a 1/4 inch Drive ratchet. No need for helicoils, you only need to remove the Cover to service the Filter medium, and It only needs a delikate touch to find the pillars again.

If you really wanted to do a mod to make this easier, just use a UNF stud into the mounting pillar, use some threadlike to hold it, and use an acorn nut and spring washer to hold the filter cover on, this may make the remounting of the cover easier ( not that it is hard in the first place)
dominic clancy

When my car was still together, I had a set of the MG logo chrome filters sold by Moss and others. They were much easier to remove and install than the Vokes filters. I'm planning to go back to the Vokes for appearance when the car is running again, though.

D Rawlins

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