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MG MGA - Air hose

To finish the last details on a nut and bolt midget restoration, we are looking for a source of the hose between the heater and the radiator panel. This hose is the same 4 inch hose as the MGA, but we need one that is appreciably longer. Does anyone know a source where I can buy this by the metre ?
dominic clancy


You will particularly appreciate that SF has longer lengths os the correct MGA hose :)

M Wellard

Over 'ere you can use dryer vent hose - 4" dia flexible aluminium. 2 layers of electrical tape on the OD makes it a nice fit.
Art Pearse

Dryer hose on a nut and bolt restoration?????????

Nope, I want the real thing, there is no point in doing everything else right and then skimping the very last thing.

dominic clancy

just to tide you over, you could cut and join together a couple of pieces of MGA air hoses to the required Midget lenth. Im sure you can make a neat job of it. Then later on, swap it for the correct length of new hose- once you have found some.

Im kind of assuming here that it is as easy to remove and re-fit Midget air hoses as it is on the MGA.

If that goes against the "nut and bolt restoration grain", then just put print and attach a label onto the offending part/s which says "Temporary part, awaiting restoration".

It will make all the difference.

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c firth


ISA Racing got them but they dont look original. Standard length is 1 meter but longer can be ordered on the phone in Germany. Order NR. 3398-1108, 108mm dia,
Smiss dept.:

Sigbert Weinberger


How come the Spridget needs a longer length? Surely the engine compartment cannot be longer than the MGA? I am surprised Spridget suppliers do not hold this item as a standard stock item.

Steve Gyles

The stock midget item is too short, by about 3 inches, which I suspect is a quality thing.

The MGA item is too short. Yes, the Midget runs in a single run from the heater all the way to the front grille

I am hearing that AHSpares has what I want. I'm not opposed to cross dressing, but as this car is definitely not an old slapper, I think we can get the right part and fit it if available. It isn't easy to fit either, its a real fiddle even with the front wheel off!
dominic clancy

get two pieces of 4inch hoses that are listed for the MGA, and buy a 4inch adapter made of thin steel sheeting. The latter can be bought from any hardware store. Join the two pipes together using the adapter, and you are left with a very thin part of the adapter showing, which can be painted black.
That's what I did on my MGA heater hose when I had to cut it short after I damaged one end. It still looks very original.

F. Camilleri

I believe Ashley Hinton in the UK makes the heater air delivery hose for Spridgets. I've got one in my frogeye.

There were several versions used as production went on through the years. Mk1's had construction like the MGA, then there was a varnished cloth (or paper) and several versions of plastic. All were about the same length.

Good luck in your quest.
JR Alexander

Ashley has replied to my enquiries and repeats the same hose that Moss offers, so I am still looking for the hose by the metre

dominic clancy

> You will particularly appreciate that SF has longer
> lengths of the correct MGA hose :)

Seems appropriate, since they've already hosed him once. 8^P

D Rawlins


I believe that the early Midgets also used a hose that I would describe as a fabric covered spring, before the plastic ones. The same type as early Morris Minor 1000s, and they are always collapsed on original cars! In fact I didn't know that Midgets used the MGA type, although I have seen it on top quality restorations. I just thought it was because they couldn't get the spring type.
Anyway the point of my post is to say that the spring type is available by the metre. And also to ask if you know when they changed from MGA type to spring type and then to plastic. I had thought that the plastic coincided with moving the flap valve from the grille to the heater box, but I have recently acquired a Midget with a front valve and plastic hose...maybe not original/correct?

Sorry, more questions than answers...
Neil MG

Rich Wooley has been in touch and can supply the hose I am looking for. I have a set of Midget front hubs that he wants so it looks like a trade is in the offing .

I should have though of Rich for anything heater related, and can absolutely recommend him as his stuff is always top notch and he is also a great guy to deal with.

Otherwise I am going to make up an original type tube with the flex tubing I have and some aluminium four inch pipe (not dryer hose) to replicate the straight tube that was on the correct hose that is NLA. I reckon I can make it up in an hour or so when I have the pipe, I will just have to etch spray it first!
dominic clancy

hi this looks like the right tube on eBay item number:

270683613839 EBERSPACHER and WEBASTO diesel heater 100mm but it is not cheap ian.
ip blain

Looks like my dryer hose.
Art Pearse

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