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MG MGA - Alloys to replace steel

Hi all,
Just seen an add in MotorSport a company called Racemettle do a nice aluminium wheels that look like original steel, just thought they would make a nice Xmas present from the other half, some hope, perhaps one each year.
Dave Swinburne

Hmm... I'm assuming the peg drive fits the Dunlop disc wheel setup a la mga twin cam and Jaguars. Very interesting. Only $500 apiece. 6" at first seemed a bit wide to me, at least for an A, but I've seen widened racing rims so they must work.

If they would make that dynamo/alternator conversion for the A, that would be really great.

Mark J Michalak

Mark... 6 inch will work with the correct off set.
Best - Scott
k brown

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