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MG MGA - Almost finished!

This care is almost finished now. Still need hood and weather equipment, jack and tools, and a few accessories. Still need a bit more work to take the brakes and clutch from ok to excellent. Take a look.

John Greenlee

no 2

John Greenlee

no 3

John Greenlee

no 4

John Greenlee

Nice primer, where's the top coat!.... Only kidding John, in fact, I always fancied an 'A' in Dove Grey, it looks fabulous, well done.
Lindsay Sampford

Nice that it isn't red...
dominic clancy

Beautiful job. I spot what appear to be additional, small air filters on the carb side of the engine bay. Purpose?

'57 Coupe
M. D.

I think they are engine breathers that I think will blow oil everywhere when the car travels down the road?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Since the car was short the breathers when I got it, I installed the beautifully chromed Stellings and Hellings style filters. These did not have provision for the valve cover breather so a filter was installed on that vent. The APT header interfered with the draft tube crankcase breather so an MGB front tappet cover was installed with an additional small filter. Supposedly this has the added benefit of keeping the engine cleaner and drier.

Safety Fast!
John Greenlee

Let at least me know how they perform please John. I knew someone who used them on another engine and each time the car was used at cruising speed oil mist sprayed everywhere.

I think that he did not have an oil seperator though before the filter?
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Good job John
Cam Cunningham

Yay, John! What fun!
David Holmes


I am a bit confused here. You say that you do not have the draft (draught) tube installed but a filter instead.
Air does not go in the draft tube, it is meant to have the lower end in the air stream near the oil pan (sump) to create a suction inside the crankcase.
Filtered air should then enter from another location e.g. the valve cover and air cleaner.
The arrangement, as it appears to be, will allow pressure build up in the crankcase forcing more oil out of the front and rear of the crankshaft. Also corrosive moisture will build up in the crankcase.
I think that it needs a re-design.
Sorry, only trying to save you some grief.
It looks great anyway.

M F Anderson

I originally had it set up with the draft tube. The draft tube and the header interfered with each other. My MG mechanic was tidying up a few things and suggested this arrangement. I understand the theory, but apparently they have set up a number of cars this way with success. The MGB part they used ordinarily is drawn back into the intake through a mushroom valve.

So far so good, but it appears the pressures are relieved in a back and forth manner. I doubt if the draft tube provided much negative pressure anyway.
John Greenlee


Do not get confused with the MGB system which uses a positive circulation ventilation (PCV valve) system.
You say they have had success, but most of the damage does not become obvious until some time later.
There is nothing worse for an engine than having sludge form in the crankcase (this is a mixture of water and oil).

M F Anderson

John, looks really good! I too am almost finished, actually just a bit behind you. Our cars are very similar, don't see alot of dove gray cars, let alone two at the same stage.

D.S. Prince

That's why we don't see many Dove Grey MGAs over here, you've got them all over there!

P.S. You should have painted it Dove Grey, not Dove Gray!
Lindsay Sampford

I like your choice of color, love driving mine.

bp perry

Wow! Those are three exceptional cars! I have a dove grey car awaiting restoration and am hesitant about the colour (and it was resprayed brown!). Having seen these cars I think it looks really smart.
Neil McGurk

GREY is GRAY.. It all depends on what you wear on your wheels Tyres or Tires.

Grey is the colour and Gray is the color... Did I get that right?
David Holmes

" people, separated only by a common language."
Neil McGurk

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