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MG MGA - Almost Finished

I bought my 57 MGA Coupe in March 2013. I had never done a frame off restoration but wanted to do one for the experience. This was going to be a retirement project that I thought would be finished in a year. Well, here we are a little over 4 years later and I'm just about finished. Even though it took much longer and cost way more than I originally thought, I'm pleased with the results. I'm taking her to her first car show this Saturday at the Moss Motorfest at their Petersburg, Virginia location about 45 miles from my house. It's been 45 years since this car has been registered for the road. Hope she makes it there and back home.


JL Cheatham

Very nice Jim.
Steve Gyles

Looks pretty swish Jim congratulations. Please post a few more photos - engine, interior, etc
Mike Ellsmore

Beautiful work.

D Rawlins

Great looking Coupe. It is a challenge, but very rewarding when finished and others admire. I am sure you will enjoy your drive and the car will behave. Post some pictures of your day out
Brian Paddon

Thanks all for the nice comments. The car ran well yesterday and did well in the show. The show was a popular vote show with 300-400 cars including an ocean of Miatas. The MGA class had 15 or 16 cars but only one other Coupe.

I can only post one picture at a time as far as I know.


JL Cheatham

Another picture

JL Cheatham


JL Cheatham

My spare tire cover is the original hardura that I had sewn to the new carpet.

JL Cheatham

Nice , really really nice
You would have to be a proud owner - congrats on your effort
Don't tell Mike but I have a real soft spot for A Coupes
Thanks for sharing the pics
William Revit

Here's a shot of the engine bay.

JL Cheatham

Very, very well done Jim, nice work, and congratulations!

George G.

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