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MG MGA - Almost there!

The body is all painted, nude except for the fuse box and regulator installed. The chassis is all packed for the installation, holes cleaned out with a tap. The motor and gearbox are in, propshaft connected. Brake lines run. fuel pump installed and line run from tank to firewall. Battery in place and cable run to starter switch. The part of the harness that runs front to rear under the car is run. Seat tracks are in as are seat belt anchor points. Anti roll bar (top mount) is done.
Is there anything more I need to do before mounting the body? Don't want to forget something vital. I have to seal up the gap at the rear of the trunk, still dreaming up the best way to do that. Oh, and I will connect the rebound straps.
Art Pearse

I wish I had installed my tach cable before dropping the body on. Also easier to run all the wiring on the bulk head while you can sit in the engine compartment. The wiper motor is a must.


I did also carpet on the floor,and tunnel, and on the triangle alu plate.also the tacho and speedo cable, very hard to get these through the gormmet, i used a special tool to do this.Heater,washerbottel tube and jets,and chassis an patent plate instaled.Wipermotor and the bracket for de pedals.Also the front wirring harnnes and the front lights.

While you are considering how to seal the boot floor to rear valance, also seriously consider bow to seal body to frame aft of the seats. See here: and here:

Also do some caulking where the top edge of the front bulkhead meets the body cowling (outer body shell). Bu the time you are finished you want to completely seal any and all leak points between the engine bay and cockpit. Buy plastic snap plugs for the large holes at the windscreen mounting bolts.
Barney Gaylord

here's an old post on the topic.,1277576,1277749#msg-1277749

This might be a good time to think about applying some anti-heat insulation to the underside of the bulkhead. Various suppliers seal a fitted seal that was used on the coupes or you can go with a product like "Hushmat". Once your start installing cables, wires, and things like wiper motors you will never have such easy access. Keeping extra heat out of the cockpit is always a good idea. Also, don't forget to plug any unused holes in the bulkhead with grommets. There are always a few left over as our cars where set up to be either right or left hand drive.
Keith Lowman

Keith, too late! I already installed the wipers, heater, fuses and regulator on the F/W and I don't relish the thought of doing it again!
I have ordered the complete grommet kit, as its useless trying to source them locally.
Art Pearse

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