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MG MGA - Alternative Seats

Long time reader but first post on this forum! Since I discovered it I have found it an invaluable source of information so thank you all.

I'm looking to replace my existing (old) MGB seats in my MGA. The PO had them fitted but I want to update them for something more comfortable especially for long trips.

In the archive (10 July 2010) I found that Bob Turbo midget had installed Corbeau Classic Bucket Seats which his wife found more acceptable.

A question for Bob and others who may have gone down this path, how difficult are they to install, can you fit the optional headrest? They also appear to come in two widths, standard and extra width. The standard appears to fit but with the extra girth these days will the extra width model also fit?

I will be travelling to the UK next month for four weeks and will be based in Kettering in Northamptonshire but will also be visiting Plymouth, Gloucester and Birmingham. With the strong Aussie dollar buying from the UK looks like a good option so if the seats will fit any information on potential suppliers will be most welcome.

Thank you in anticipation

P Dodds

Paul, strangely I emailed Corbeau yesterday for some info on their seats, specifically the runners. The reason is that I bought some new old-style bucket seats off Bob West...these come with a problem, as they are fixed to the standard MGA runners, which of course are fixed to the floor. We then have a problem with raising and lowering the hood, as these seats have a fixed back, and as you need to get the seat well forward in the car to do this, these fixed seats don't allow enough room. Therefore, I am looking for a seat base that tilts forward at the front...hopefully Corbeau might have something that fits the narrow MGA gap (and avoids the handbrake).

Let me know what you come up with.
Gary Lock

I understand from Dave Godwin that MX-5 seats should fit. That said, the set I bough didn't fit, so maybe Dave can chip in here
dominic clancy

Hi Paul

Sorry for the delay in answering but I thought I had some photos somewhere but can't find them :(

However I fitted the Corbeau Classic Bucket Seats and had to overcome a number of problems. Since fitting though my wife has now travelled thousands of miles in the car across France each year without complaint so well worth it. Her main problem was not so much comfort but was the problm of sliding about when the original seats were fitted.

The MGA floor is flat and so simple alloy channel section could surfice for a mounting bracket under the seat.
This was no good as to operate the hood requires the seats to tilt forward. To overcome this I made my own tilting seat frame for the whole seat. 4 pieces of angle under the seat, 2 bolted to the floor and 2 bolted to the seat and joined at the front with 2 bolts creating a pivot. That is simple but because my car is a classic ralley car as well I need to find a way of locking the seats down which required a bit of engineering and a spring loaded lever. Not to difficult.

Secondly the seat can not be oo far back otherwise it would foul the hood frame and the rear deck.

Finally after fitting I struggled to get out of the car. With the sides of the seat squab being built up the large motolita-mg-steering-wheels-and-bosses.htm>steering wheel and the high edges of the seat impeded my getting in and out of the car. The only answer to this problem was to fit a smaller diameter steering wheel. Steering is now pretty heavy when parking in a tight spot!

I fitted the narrow seats hich fit ok and sit above the outside chassis rail. Let me know if you want a photo of seat fitted or any thing else.

Safety Fast!
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Dominic MX5 seat are very, very scarce here in Australia so that does not appear to be an option but thanks anyway.

Bob any pictures would be very much appreciated. I understand that you can get tilting seat mechanisms for the seats and that will eliminate the enginering aspects of which I am not that good at!

In your opinion would the wider seat fit as well? From the measurements I can find they relate to the actual width of the seat at the squab and not the actual base which appears smaller. Would that be correct?

Any suppliers at reasonable prices would also be appreciated. Watford Classics have some good priced look-a-likes on ebay but wonder about the quality.


P Dodds

The seat bases on the TR6 are hinged to tip forward, and have a latch to secure them down. I suspect TR4 and TR5 have a similar setup. If I get the seats out of my Triumph this winter for upholstery, I'll have to drop one in the MG for a trial fit.

k v morton

I fitted CORBEAU rally seats from Holden Vintage in the UK. They are in my Coupe, so the headrests (removable) are not an issue. I got these seats because my wife needed an adjustable backrest so she could reach the pedals. It is hard to find aftermarket seats that are narrow enough to fit in an MGA (max width about 18"). Holdens even had them trimmed with red piping to match my Orient Red car. The seats are available in vinyl or cloth, and I chose the cloth.
These seats, along with the shipping cost, were I figure better value than recovering my Coupe seat frames. The previous owner had installed brown vinyl buttoned covers - ugh!
I installed them with MGB runners, but had to make a support bar so these could be fitted to the seat frames. The tee nuts in the floorboards had to be repositioned also.
P. Tilbury

I have RX7 seats in RIP (had MX5 seats a few years ago) fitted by Dan Casey. They have a headrest which saved us in Africa when hit from behind at a red traffic light! Maybe Dan could comment on their availibility and method of fitting? As the backrest folds forward, there is no problem when putting up the hood. Had to fit quick release seat belts and they have narrow sitting cushions so only suitable for a small backside... Cannot push the seat back under the rear shelf so limited leg room to. I am 5' 11" and have learnt to enjoy the seats - travelled around Australia and New Zealand and through Africa and from China to London and love them.
David Godwin

Sorry for being Tardy but here is a few shots of my seats and frame

First one shows the overhang by the seat on the chassis

Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

now the tilting frame

The centre rod locks the seat down for Scruitineering purposes

Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Here you can see the smaller steering wheel required

Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Many thanks for the pictures Bob. It looks like something I could master. I see you have the narrower seats but in your opinion would the wider seat fit as well?

My wifes bum is bigger than mine (I'm glad she doesn't read this BBS or I'd be in trouble!! :)

Holden Vintage and Classic look like they may be worth a visit next month. I see that there is the MG Show and Spares Day at Stoneleigh on the 20 February which may also be promising. Any thoughts?


P Dodds

Paul, I've found a Sparco tilting bracket, that fits between the seat frame and the runners.It has a locking clasp as well. I think there will be a little altering of the bracket to suit, but all looks good.
Gary Lock

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