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MG MGA - Alternative to the usual MGB 1800 upgrade
John Bray

Ruined the looks of such a graceful vehicle as the MGA. Bit of an abomination! If the proposed Vehicles of Historic Interest Regulations come in, it would probably score negative points!
Not my cup of tea, sorry.
Someone will like it for 32k.
Graeme Williams

The Cobra look is not my cup of tea. Clearly lots of time and expense went into the build, but the end result does not "flow". Compared to this other custom build, the Cobra design is lacking, but "to each his own".

Nick Kopernik

Don't Cobras have ford engines?
John, XDG is still much loved and under Helens guidance(!) won a local concours.

David k Brenchley

Given that the rockers are hollow, I would have recessed them as in the classic Jags... C and D Types. I don't mind exposed side pipes if don't right, these are not done right - too bulky.

I don't care to see fenders fared into the body like that, and the snout looks mind-numbingly unnecessary.

As much as I typically hate these things, at first glace of the side view I thought it actually wasn't bad at all. Then I saw the front and threw up my breakfast.
Steve Simmons

Seems like a waste of time,why not just build a Cobra kit instead?
gary starr

I must admit that i quite like the look of most of the car, except for the nose section.

It may work ok from the cooling point of view but I think it would look much better if the air intake was much wider and more square in section.
Colyn Firth

To be clear, I found the conversion interesting as in my view the MGA is a great car but would be even better with a 6 or 8 cylinder engine and whilst I agree the front appearance is all wrong I quite like the Hot Rod approach.

It's impressive that a 4.3 litre V6 with auto box fits into an MGA, equally interesting having looked at the 94 pictures are routes of brake lines, 5 stud wheel hubs and a radiator which despite having 240bhp doesn't appear to be that different to a standard MGA.

Upgrading engine suspension and braking performance will always be appealing but in my view they should be easily reversible, extreme body modifications sit outside that criteria.

John Bray


Pleased to hear the Helen is keeping XDG in fine shape, good to see the car being used as well.
John Bray

Looking at the paint (front end and lights too) it has not been done to a particularly high standard. That to me is often an indicator of the detail that the builder has accepted. I believe their are way too many potential problems with a mix and mash up of this type. I think it would be a very "brave" person who would buy a car like this and think it could be driven any more than to the local shows and back!

It is someone else's project and they are selling it now its "done". It was done to their tastes, their standards and their budget and timescale.

I can still appreciate the effort that has been put into the project, but could find a lot of very nice cars I would prefer to own for that kind of cash...
Neil MG

To me that red car is overdone -too showy
I like the look of the black car
I'm a bit of a sucker for original looking cars with hidden mods and the more it's hidden the better
Here's a pic of a friends MGA the rego plate is the only give away
William Revit

I seem to recall that B&G sliced an A right through the middle to widen the track and fit a V8 for a Japanese customer - now that car really did look the part. This one ? Needs a nose job.
Roger Walker

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