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MG MGA - alternator charging light

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FJ Bruns

Hi Frank (how's hot lips? LOL)(jokE)

Seriously if I understand you correctly then the test ought to work. The ignition lamp should be wired to the battery plus (normally via the ignition sw) then onto the small terminal of the alternator which is exactly as you have it.

So it should light up when you switch on, therefore either the alternaotr is faulty, you can check the brushes initially, or perhaps the alternator i not earthed correctly. Sometimes the alternator does no earth to the engine very well especially when someone paints the mounting brackets. Chech this by fitting a flying lead to the earth (battery neg) and the casing of he alternator.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

I get the MASH reference a lot. I only wish Hot Lips was in my past!

Thanks for the confirmation. I checked the alternator again today and, yep, its bad. To fully check it, i attached a flying lead to the small terminal in the cable (detached from the alternator) touching the other end of the lead to the car chassis -- the bulb lit. Then I touched it to the alternator frame -- the bulb lit. Now touching it to the small terminal on the alternator -- no light. The alterantor is now removed and going back to the rebuilder.

Thanks again.
FJ Bruns

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