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MG MGA - Alternator conversion

Having been stuck in Italy with a duff dynamo it occurs to me that one might have more chance of finding a replacement alternator these days. I would like to know about dynamo to alternator conversions. No kit seems to be sold, though they are for Morris Minors. Strange.
H L Davy


A lot of us have done the conversion. It's very easy. Barney has articles on it, so does Moss. I have put the links on my website:

Steve Gyles

Moss Motors makes a conversion kit for any MG.

The process and instructions are quite straight forward. You do have to change the system to a negative ground first.

Expect noticably more power to the lights and you may have to change the fuel mixture as the stronger spark leans out the system.

Highly recommended.
T McCarthy

I agree, the Moss conversion kit is the way to go. However the Lucas alternators aren't as readily available at parts stores (at least here in the US), so I bought a spare alternator to take on real long trips where a new battery won't limp me home.

Mark J Michalak

I am going to put an alternator in my 60 A, can I paint it red? or will the paint hold in heat?
S E Bryan

Thanks guys. My Moss catalog was still in Italy and I couldnt find that conversion searching their site!
H L Davy

Moss have the conversion. reason I couldn't find it is that they have it in the MGB catalogue. Trouble is they dont have the mounting bracket alternator to engine which is vital.Can anyone suggest where i cvanget it?
H L Davy


I would encourage you to use Moss' web site instead of their catalog.

Here is a link to the kit you needs. You will note that the kit includes everything you need including the brackets.

T McCarthy

A couple comments about the Moss conversion kit (which I installed last year).
1. The rear alternator mounting bracket, that replaces the original generator bracket, was not bent to the correct angle. The bolts would not install because the alternator was cocked. I had to bend this bracket (20 ton arbor press) to make it work.
2. The front mounting bolt supplied in the kit was an improper size.
3. On my 1500, the coil was mounted on the generator. I installed a 1600 style motor mount bracket but it did interfere with the alternator.(I didn't want to drill for the fender mounted coil). I wound up reworking the coil mount to gain clearance.
4. Because it was a 1500, I had ring terminals not spade terminals. I had to cut the ring terminal off and install the spade type.

Overall, I like the alternator conversion, but fitting it wasn't quite as simple as advertised. I passed this info along to Moss.

G T Foster

When I fitted the alternator on my 1800 engine I guess I could have sourced an original bracket. However, frabricating one was not a demanding task and it gave me great satisfaction improving my basic engineering skills.

My car is a 1958 1500 standard. With the alternator conversion I transferred the coil to a vertical mounting on the inner wing. Much more accessible and a good modification.

Steve Gyles

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