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MG MGA - Alternator Conversion - Fuel Pump

I'm converting from generator to alternator. My car's polarity is currently positive ground. I need to switch to negative ground.

My SU fuel pump is the old contact point type. I don't think this type of fuel pump is affected by polarity changes, but I'm not sure. Will the fuel pump continue to work with negative ground?

Are there other considerations or components that will be affected that I should know?

Arthur DiLello

Art, I believe it depends on the condenser across the pump points. Some are polarity sensitive, some not.
Dave Dubois would know.
Art Pearse

Thanks Art. I'm glad to see that you're still active on this board after all these years! Cheers!
Arthur DiLello

Art - If you can send me a picture of the pedestal under the end cover, I can tell you if the pump is polarity sensitive. My e-mail address is Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

The metal an condensers are not polarity sensitive.

The plastic dumbbell diodes are polarity sensitive. For those you need to change ends with the diode.

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